Marusan souvenir shop We are selling bags made in Toyooka, Tenugui( Japanese handkerchief )over 100 kind of design, Japanese knick knacks, original items of Kinosaki sentai Onsenger, crab items.

About us

Address 406 Yushima Kinosaki-cho Toyooka-shi, Hyogo pref. 669-6101
We are open all year round 8:00 am – 10:30 pm
Parking 2 min from store.
Charge: 100 yen per half an hour.The first half-hour is free.
TEL / FAX: Tel.(0796)32-2352 / Fax.(0796)32-2352

Local Merchandise

Kinosaki Sentai Onsenger( local super hero) gauze towel & handkerchief, T-shirts( adult/ kids)
are the original items which sold only in our store.
We also have the short novel “Kinosaki Trial” by Manabu Makime which you could read in your bath time.
There are more items of Gen-san( local mascot character), and stork.

  • Stork items

  • Onsenger T-shirt

  • Stork&Gen-san mascot figure magnet

  • HOT! Regional Hello Kitty with stork☆

  • Traditional straw crafts

  • Kinosaki Trial(by Manabu Makime) /
    Go back to Kinosaki(by Kanae Minato) /
    in Kinosaki

  • Onsenger towel

  • Onsenger snacks, curry, black bean cream sandwich cookie

  • Gen-san items

Cell phone strap/ Keychain

We have so many local mascot cell phone strap like crab, Hello Kitty, Onsen manju( hot spring bean-jam buns), stork, Gen-san, and Onsenger, etc.

  • Onsen manju-chan

  • Onsen manju cell phone strap
    (sold in only Kinosaki)

Hot spring items

We have bath salts, Mayudama which has been featured on TV, and hot facial treatment mask.

  • Hot spring spa bag

  • Bath salts

  • Mayudama


Speaking of the sea of Japan, you could imagine crab!
Our customer loves; crab butter, sea urchin seaweed, crab snack pie, some snacks and sweets made with black bean in Tanba and our original Tonyu Warabimochi ( made with soymilk), Kinosaki cake.
We have the local specialty of Kinosaki; Danjiri-Daiko, Onsen manju.
There are also Doteman and Kaniman which has been featured on TV.

  • Tansan-Senbei
    (carbonated rice cake)

  • Purun-na-Tonyu-jikomi

  • Kinosaki-Onsen Sotoyu-meguri

  • Tajima-no-mai

  • Danjiri-Daiko

  • Kuromame-Kintsuba
    (black bean paste in thin dough wrapping)

  • Kani-juwari-senbei
    (crab rice cake)

  • Onsen manju

  • Jagariko

Others( bags made in Toyooka, Hand towel, etc.)

  • Geta
    (Japanese traditional wooden footwear)

  • Original T-shirt

  • Wrapping cloth

  • Socks & Tabi socks
    (separate division for the big toe and the others)

  • Bag made in Toyooka

  • Cow leather bag & business bag

  • Leather accessory made in Toyooka

  • Original bags

  • Big wrapping cloth / Japanese style bib

  • Japanese knick knacks

  • Japanese hand towel

  • Classic toy